SA Power plays an active role in pack-house automation working together with key industry players such as MAF RODA. SA Power has provided solutions for basic applications for tippers, pumps and cooling sheds. Providing latest digitization technologies and information feedback for cooling sheds or monitoring around the farm.

Packhouse Automation

Complete automation around the sorting machines including conveying and palletising installations. Includes complex line controls for the correct packing of sorted products. Systems include the complete electrical installation and control for pack-houses.

Pumps Control

Inverter technologies from Lenze and Emotron for the energy efficient control of pumps. These technologies have level and PID control build in specifically suitable for pumping application. SA Power Edge-Control has the ability to control remote pumps stations as well as provide real time information on the state of such pump stations.

Lenze SMART technologies built for conveying

The Lenze decentralised geared motor technologies are ideally suited for pack-house automation. The ability to adjust speeds gives the ability to improve line performance as well as reduce spare part variations. It significantly reduces installation times, smaller panels and so offering cost reductions compared to traditional systems.

Innovation and Digitization

SA Power has already provided solutions to provide control over large areas as well as obtain data. This gives powerful information back to the farm management to optimise resources.
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