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Pack-house Automation and installation
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  • Customer :Citrus & Tomato Farmers
  • Category :Packhouse Automation
  • Date :10 years of experience
  • Status :12 projects completed

Pack-house automation systems

We have many years of experience working with farmers helping them improve their facilities. From pack-houses to cooling sheds and pumping systems.

We have provided the electrical installation and automation of new lines supplied by local and international sorting suppliers. We have assisted with smaller upgrades and refurbishment of existing systems on an ongoing basis.

We are actively developing and using the latest technologies to assist with real time reporting of for example, cold room events and temperature control. We are actively involved with ensuring energy efficient solutions.

What we do

A turnkey electrical installation for pack-houses.
  • Electrical Installation from DB BoardThe complete electrical installation and onsite construction from main Distribution Board. All switch-gear, cable racks systems, power and control cabling to all machines, motors and control.
  • Control panels and commissioningThe design and building of electrical panels. Programming and commissioning of control system with visualization.
  • Variable Speed drivesLenze variable speed drives are used for the speed adjustment of conveyors giving accurate speed control and smooth starting of lines. Centralised and decentralised drives were used for optimum efficiency.
  • Control systemEmerson PLC were used with remote IO as well as HMI interfaces.

    The complete PLC software development.

    Fault finding and diagnostic systems.

  • Machine Information SystemsThe software development which includes scada, barcode scanning, box counting, line statistics via HTML5

    Energy monitoring and reporting

    Energy saving services.

, Agriculture

Final Results

With our experience we are able to offer quick turnkey solution. The farmer and installer can therefore plan on quick turn-around times.

These systems provided at competitive prices using the latest technologies that are also easy to maintain.

Our packhouse installations have been running for many years in various parts of the country.

  • Turkey solution from one supplier
  • Reliable products and technologies
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Control systems that can easily be enhanced with latest IOT information systems