Automotive Industry

Lenze provides a range of solutions that are being used in the automotive industry. At plant level this includes body shop, final assembly and paint shop applications. At second tier with component manufacturers in the steel industry.

Conveying and Turntables

Controllers and geared motors with braking systems are designed specifically for automotive applications. Key requirements are modularity and interchangeability on the production lines.

Storage Retrieval Units – Automated warehouse

Lenze has developed complete system solutions for automated warehouses now used in automotive production. The combined functionalities on traverse, lifting and outfeed systems. Special features developed by Lenze for oscillation damping, managing different loads at high speeds and energy regeneration are standard solutions.

Press Shops

Automation in the press shops will includes smaller presses, pick and place or sequencing technologies for parts through the press system. System solutions can be seen in Steel Industry Solutions.

Lifter and Hoists

These solutions are well known in the automotive environment requiring safe operation at high speeds with varying loads. Multi-level applications are standard. The system typically requires lazer position feedback and a high standard of safety. A complete system will include transfer conveyors and safety locking motors.

Integrated Safety

Lenze has been at the forefront of drive technologies with integrated safety. Different certified safety levels and functionality are provided with the Lenze controller offering. This is especially critical in automotive applications where this is part of the control network such as ProfiSafe.

Paint Shops

Paint shops require a wide range of applications which includes conveying and hoisting technologies. SA Power and Lenze have specific experience with the design and implementation of fan and pump applications required in paint shops.
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