Beverage Industry

Systems solutions for machine builders with conformance to OMAC PackML allowing them to be easily integrated into bottling and packing lines. SA Power has a range of proven solutions which has now been enhanced with SA Power Edge-Control.

Film Wrapper Automation

High speed film wrapper solutions requires a wide range of products as well as motion software solutions. SA Power has provided complete system solutions for film wrapper lines incorporating dedicated purpose motion software as well as solutions for conveying synchronization, unwinding, rotary cutting, feeding, position and wrapping. The solutions as based on modular systems so that they are suitable for different machine configurations. These systems have recipe based systems which allows for quick and easy product setup and product changes. With SA Power Edge-Control it is possible to easily incorporate camera or bar-code systems in addition to real time and historic machine production data sent via digital platforms.

SMART Conveying

Lenze SMART drive system is an innovative tested solution for horizontal conveying and materials handling in the beverage industry. The SMART geared motor combination is designed for high starting torques required for conveying without increasing motor size. High efficiency motors and 6 programmable speed settings controlled by digital inputs, makes the system truly efficient. A significant reduction of geared motor ratio variants required with the flexibility to change speeds on installation creates a reduction in costs as well as flexibility. The decentralised control concept as a whole reduces hardware and installation costs.

Lenze i550 Protec IP 66 with IO Link

The decentralised i550 with IP66 rating makes this product and ideal solution for bottling lines. With IO-Link in a decentralised frequency inverter – is a first for such harsh environment only achieved previously using a control cabinet. IO-Link makes it easy to integrate the sensors and actuators distributed in an application into the master control level in order to exchange process, asset or parameterisation data. To do so, there is no need for expensive special cables or to address the nodes manually. Lenze is the first drive manufacturer to master the standard v1.1, which is necessary for this automatic data exchange. It is also easy to flexibly connect the new decentralised communication standard ASi-5 to the Lenze i550 IO-Link interface.

LinMOT Filling and Capping Solutions

LinMOT linear motors offer unique solutions for filling and capping applications. The metered filling solution is easy to adapt to individual product requirements and product changeover is quick – based on a recipe change only. The precision control of the fill height has many advantages for very fast filling applications. The LinMOT has a linear as well as precision rotary motion. This combination makes it ideal for capping solutions. These motors can also be provided in Stainless Steel IP69K configuration.

Conveyor smart track collating

Conveying solutions for the collating of products at high speeds using smart track synchronization. Through a sequence of servo driven conveyors providing the correct separation for the packaging or palletising function.


The objective of the OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) is to maximize the business value of packaging machinery by improving automation guidelines and standards. This will lead to improved flexibility, improved capability, and reduced system integration costs. The OMAC Packaging Guidelines make packaging operations more effective by simplifying customization and integration, which enables world class packaging operations. When implemented, packaging companies and their partners gain a competitive advantage as they leverage an integrated supply chain to optimize operations. SA Power is familiar with these guidelines and able to supply our automation solutions conforming to these standards.
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