Cable Industry

Many years in cable industry machines and applications. From new applications and lines to the upgrading of existing lines.

Cage and Armouring Stranding Lines

SA Power has developed unique motor control systems for the synchronised motion of multiple carriages ensuring energy efficiency as well as accurate lay-length. Carriage lay and direction are automatically set from a recipe system and lay ensured due to precision motor feedback systems. Functionality for slow speed jogging for machine set-up. Special control to manage control stopping in normal, safety stop or power failure conditions but still ensuring cable integrity. FMS Tension Control can be included on the carriages to manage the tension of each strand. This control is managed centrally and is wireless.

CCV Lines

CCV lines require precision speed control of multiple extruders at high torque relative to the cable which is synchronised with infeed and outfeed caterpillar units. The cable tension in the curing tube is critical for product quality. This is combined with material unwinding and rewinding. SA Power has developed and installed complete CCV line systems to ensure the cable quality through a complete process. CCV production process is normally over long time periods. With SA Power Edge-Control a complete record of all parameters for the full process can be recorded and made available as part of the cable quality record.

FMS Tension Control Load Cells

Maintaining strand tension in the process of cable manufacture is critical to ensure cable quality when laying up multiple strands. By measuring actual tension using FMS load cells, cable integrity can be ensured. FMS has unique dynamic load cell solutions that can be used on the carriages themselves ensuring tension from each rotating bobbin. Load cells can also be mounted separately for twisting and bunching processes. FMS systems can be controlled with a wireless system. All data can be recorded and displayed for cable quality purposes with SA Power Edge-Control.

Twisting and Bunching

Twisting and bunching requires high speeds but also maintaining synchronous motion and tension for accurate wire twist. SA Power has a range of solutions including the tension control of each driven bobbin and strands through individual load cells ensuring consistent tension with varying bobbin weights and diameters.

Rodbreaking Lines

The rod breaking process requires a very accurate speed synchronization between each draw station. This has to be adjusted according to die sizes and draw down required. The process normally requires an annealing process with rewinding at very high speeds. SA Power has developed and installed such precision systems for both coated and un-coated copper as well as aluminium up to speeds of 22 m/s.

Taping Lines

Taping lines require very high speeds of synchronised motion. This stability is required over the full speed range and with different taping materials and lengths. SA Power solutions offer these functions through a recipe based system and precision encoder motor feedback. Lay lengths can be set on the fly and accuracies of 0.2mm can be achieved.
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