Covering a broad range of applications from high speed synchronised motion, printing registration, rotary cutting and winding. SA Power has supplied new machine technologies as well as supporting and upgrading of existing line technologies.

Corrugated cardboard production

Corrugating machines require a modular design to incorporate the different machine functions. Machine modules for single-facers and double facers with paper feeders controlled by an individual controller. Each machine module is interfaced with the overall plant control system. This allows for the easy adaptation for different types of corrugation or corrugation combinations. Lenze provides such solutions from geared motors, modular control and communication to higher level systems. Systems are designed to be energy efficient with energy sharing using DC-Bus connectivity.

Solutions for Rotor Gravure Printing

Lenze motors and i700 servo controllers are used for winding, rewinding, positioning axes, fans, gravure and impression cylinders. Typical solutions offering print accuracies of around 0.1 mm accuracy with different diameters can be provided. Winder and Rewinder with tension Control is achieved using FAST Winder Modules. Main, feed and Pressure rollers with FAST Electrical Shaft Modules. Gravure and Impression Cylinders with FAST Electrical Shaft and Registration Modules. For more comprehensive architecture, please see brochure below.

FMS Tension Control & Web Guides

The accuracy of the tension control system has a direct influence on product quality. For both unwinding and rewind applications, the load cells are easily installed. For multiple stage processes such as textile coating lines, accurate feedback of tension is used to control material speeds and tensions. FMS Web guides are a proven solution for printing and other web applications. Solutions have been realized with web widths of 1000 mm.

Solutions for Slitting and Rewinding

Slitting and rewinding require accurate tension of the materials with large variations in diameter and material types. Such precision control is provided with Lenze motor and control systems. Accurate tension feedback is achieved using FMS dynamic load cells.

Solutions for Flexo Printing and CI Flexoprinting

Lenze solutions include the latest servo technology in the i950 controllers for the central impression cylinder, print, analox and ink cylinders for each color. Machines with speeds above 300 m/min can be controlled with Lenze controllers and real time EtherCAT. The tests with i950 and Lenze servo motors show a very high stability and rigidity required for such printing applications. For more comprehensive architecture, please see brochure below.

Solutions for Textile

Lenze and SA Power have a range of experience in various textile printing and coating lines. The complete range of motion and control technologies are used from unwinding, accumulation systems, coating and printing with multiple layers, heating and temperature control to rewinding. Complete lines have been commissioned and refurbished with the latest control technologies. In the new systems, SA Power Edge-Control are included to provide higher level management information.
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