Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Solutions

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, Healthcare Pharmaceutical
  • Customer :Packing for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare products
  • Category :Packaging
  • Date :10 years of experience
  • Status :Ongoing

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

This industry sector requires machines such as inline blister packing, form fill and seal, small pad printing machines and volumetric filling. Lenze and SA Power have a range of customers with imported or locally manufactured machines using Lenze products and technologies

The majority of our work is providing our support services to this equipment. It includes the upgrading of machines to new technologies where older technologies are no longer supported or inefficient.

With our latest developments with Edge technologies, this allows for accurate real time reporting with production information. This also allows for the interfacing of production control systems such are bar-code or batching with accurate quality recording.

What we do

Product service support and small machine upgrade solutions.
  • Local product support and serviceWe provide full range of support for our products with local repairs. Latest products include the Lenze i500 Protec with a IP66 rating. This makes it ideal for applications in pharmaceutical applications.
  • Upgrading of machines to new technologiesWith our service and engineering team, we can provide turnkey solutions for the upgrading of packaging machines.
, Healthcare Pharmaceutical

Our role in pharmaceutical packaging

Most of the machines and lines are fully imported. Lenze has a close relationship with OEM line builders in the overseas markets. SA Power provide local product repairs and support to imported equipment

As part of service we upgrade machines using old technologies that are no longer supported in this way extending machine life and improving quality.

  • Local product and Service support
  • Upgrading of machines from old technologies
  • Latest IIOT and realtime information systems for production reporting