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Packaging Machines Solutions, Packaging Machines
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Packaging Machine Technologies

There are a range of technologies used in the packaging process. Lenze has years of experience developing products and software solutions for this focus industry. Lenze have an important OEM and end-user customer base in this market. The technologies include:

Thermo-forming. Vertical and horizontal form fill and seal. Delta Robots. Case erectors. Top loading robots. Palletiser robots. Smart track and Single track sorting. Cartoning. Film wrapping. The Lenze product range has been developed and refined for these applications.

Lenze and SA Power are aware of end-user pressure for efficiency, flexibility, productivity Ease of use, real time machine information to mention a few. Machine builders require scaleability, modular machines, open platforms, security, connectivity and safety. SA Power can provide these solutions with OPC_UA, Edge technologies and modular software - this is under continual development in the digital age.

What we do

These technologies and machines are where we have a complete range of products and software solutions backed by our experience and service.

  • We supply and assist local machine builders

    We assist with the design of systems for OEM machine builders keeping them up to date with latest technologies. We assist and design software for such applications.

  • We rebuild and upgrade machine technologies

    We upgrade machines with old or obsolete technologies. We extend machine life, reduce risk and improve efficiencies.

    For offer turnkey solutions from design, products to installation and commissioning.

  • Service support for local and imported machines

    Our service team actively provides service support for local and overseas OEM as well as local end users.

Packaging Machines Solutions, Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines - our business

Packing technologies and machines are a focus industry for Lenze and SA Power where we have a large range of products and expertise. We have ready made tested software solutions developed for these machine technologies

Our service support from field support, remote support and technology upgrades is an important part of our day to day business.

  • Products and software designed for packaging lines
  • Local engineering and design experience
  • Service support on local and imported machines
  • SA Power Edge for real time machine reporting
  • Contact us to find out we can give a demo on real time machine reporting