Packaging Industry

SA Power has many years of experience with providing automation solutions for the packaging industries. Using the latest technologies we can supply system solutions that meet your requirements. Systems designed to OMAC PackML ensures standardization between machines in the plant.

Paper Bag Manufacturing Lines

Automation solutions for new, or the upgrading of, Tuber and SOA paper lines. Various paper lines have been automated and upgraded with servo technologies replacing older line speed systems. Covering all the processes in the line from tension controlled unwinding, printing or pre-print with register control, main line motors and infeed motors and outfeed conveyors. SA Power Edge-Control technology ensures not only a high level control system but latest machine state handing and reporting.

Pick and Place Delta Robot

Lenze FAST technology modules for Delta robotic applications enable parameterisation instead of programming – without any deep knowledge of robotics. Integrative control combines logic, motion and robotics in one controller. The Delta FAST blocks are incorporated into your machine controller as part of your machine solution. This allows you to save costs and time. SA Power Edge-Control provides the linkage of peripherals such as cameras, conveyor belts etc. Uncomplicated connection to the MES/ERP system for track-and-trace functionality, recipe management and machine management.

Horizontal & Vertical Form Fill and Seal

SA Power has modular scalable software and hardware can be easily adapted to horizontal or vertical form fill and sealing machines with different speed requirements. Accurate winder control compensating for problems such as friction and the influence of acceleration, prevents material cracks/wastage and enables the use of thinner films. If the packaging material or humidity changes, the machine adapts itself accordingly. Tested and proven technologies for cross cutter and positioner are part of the system solutions ensuring high accuracies and speeds. With SA Power Edge operator interface, machines are easy to set up with recipe and reporting systems.

Plastics Bag Manufacturing Lines

Automation systems for a wide range of new and old plastic bag making machines. These machines require a high performance and accuracy with print registration which have been resolved with Lenze servo systems. The manufacture of plastic bags has machines for extruding, printing lines as well as slitter rewinders which are all part of SA Power scope of supply. All these systems are now fitted as standard with SA Power Edge-Control technologies giving additional advantages to the customer.

Carton Erectors and Case Packing

Carton erectors and case packers as stand alone machines or part line systems can be easily integrated into a packaging line. Incorporation of servo linear or pneumatic linear systems is part of such system solutions allowing for accurate and soft forming of the carton as well as product packing and placement. SA Power Edge-Control creates the opportunity to not only control the machine but also the easy addition of camera systems or bar code systems. Uncomplicated connection to the MES/ERP system track-and-trace functionality, recipe management and machine management. Fast and reliable set-up, operation and servicing of the machines – worldwide.

LinMot Linear Modules

The linear modules stainless steel are complete drive solutions consisting of linear guides with integrated LinMot linear motors and optionally attached vertical load compensation elements. The modules have been specially developed for applications in the pharmaceutical or food industry which require a solution made of stainless steel with a high degree of protection.
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