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Paper and Converting, Paper and Converting
  • Customer :Paper and Cardboard
  • Category :Paper converting
  • Date :20 years experience
  • Status :Ongoing

Paper Converting and Printing Lines

Lenze controllers have been used for many years in the paper converting and cardboard manufacturing industries. Lenze is an important supplier of drive, motor and control technologies to European OEM line builders. SA Power has provided service and technology upgrade services for such lines for many years.

Lenze has servo drive and control technologies for printing machines. Solutions for: Gravure Printing presses - winder/rewinder, pressure rollers, positioning axes and fans. Central Impression / Inline / Stack Flexo printing - winder/rewinder, pressure rollers, positioning axes, central impression cyclinder, print/analox and ink cylinders. A wide range of solutions for printing lines.

What we do

SA Power has an important role in providing service and support on imported lines. This includes product repairs and exchange as well as the upgrading from old technologies that are no longer supported, to new technologies.

SA Power has designed and implemented 6 colour In-Line Flexo printing machines. This is in addition to upgrading and servicing a range of imported printing lines.

  • Paper and Cardboard lines

    Product, service and technical support on imported lines.

    Risk assessments and upgrades of older technologies to new technologies

  • Printing Lines

    Designing and engineering printing machines with local OEM. Providing products and software solutions.

    Product and service and support of old lines and the upgrading of older machines and technologies. Improving line speeds and quality.

Paper and Converting, Paper and Converting

Our role in the converting industry

Most of the large lines are fully imported and installed by overseas OEM. SA Power provides an after commissioning product and service support role. We work closely with OEM suppliers to ensure that their machines integrity is maintained.

There are many converting and printing machines running on old technologies that are no longer supported. Mechanically sound machines can be upgraded with new electrical systems extending machine life and saving on costs. SA Power can provide design and engineering solutions for such upgrades. This is one of the main functions of our engineering team.

  • Local Service support on imported machines with Lenze products.
  • Upgrading of machines from older to new technologies
  • Cost effective solutions with increased performance and quality
  • Local partner with industry expertise
Paper and Converting, Paper and Converting
  • Customer :Paper Bag manufacturers
  • Category :Paper Converting
  • Date :15 years experience
  • Status :Ongoing

Paper Bag Manufacturing lines

SA Power has an extensive experience with the manufacture of new and upgrading of existing paper bag lines. From the printing machines through to Tuber and SOA lines.

All the processes from tension controlled unwinding with FMS load cells, printing, pre-print with register control, main line motors, infeed motors and outfeed conveyors.

Old machines with inline printing have been converted for pre-print operation with servo register infeed systems. Pre-print being a faster, higher quality product so saving money at the packaging line.

What we did

We provide complete servo geared motor, drives and control solutions for paper converting.

Important technologies such as unwinding with correct tension control, synchronised speed between stations, register control with print and pre-print are proven.

  • Tuber and SOA Lines - New and Upgrades

    Design, products, software and control for new and existing lines.

    Complete electrical systems with installation and commissioning

  • Bag Making lines

    Upgrading of various bag making lines from print to pre-print with register.

    Upgrading of older technologies removing line shafts and providing servo synchronised systems. Replacing old mechanical technologies no longer supported with cost effective upgrades.

Paper and Converting, Paper and Converting

Our role in the Paper Bag industry

The industry in our market has a significant amount of older machines previously obsolete due to plastics packaging. With the move away from plastics, these machines needed to be upgraded and refurbished. In addition new machines needed to be build to suite customer requirements.

SA Power with their experience provided engineering support, designed systems and software to meet this market demand. We therefore have a wide range of experience with providing solutions for the manufacture of paper bags.

  • Local engineering know how in bag making machines
  • Products from Lenze and FMS well suited for these applications
  • Can provide turnkeys solutions from one supplier
  • Cost effective ways of extending machine life