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Plastics Solutions, Plastics
  • Customer :Plastics Machine OEM and End Users
  • Category :Plastics Packaging
  • Date :20 years of experience
  • Projects :Complete range of machines

Plastics Machinery

SA Power have many years of experience in the plastics industry. This covers the full range of machinery from extrusion, printing, slitting and bag-making.

We supply OEM machine builders with the latest servo and control technologies including software development and electrical panels

A large part of our business is the upgrading of machines from older technologies to new technologies extending machine life and improving efficiencies.

What we do

For the plastics industry we supply the products, electrical installation and software. We have experience over a complete range of bag making, printing and extrusion machinery.
  • Products

    We supply the latest Lenze Servo motor and drive technologies in order to achieve machine speeds, quality and accuracy.

    The control system used are Lenze for multi-axis motion control. Lenze HMI visualization with recipe systems.

  • Control SoftwareWe have standardised machine software to cover the machine applications. This ensures quick and efficient installation and commissioning.
  • Electrical panels and installationOur Engineering team provide complete electrical systems for OEM and machine upgrades.
  • Machine upgrades from old technologiesThe upgrading of old technologies to new is a large part of our service and engineering business. These affordable upgrades extend machine life. We work closely with local OEM manufacturers when developing such upgrade systems and ensure their approval.
Plastics Solutions, Plastics

Plastics Industry - a long history

We have many years of experience in the plastics industry with OEM machine builders and machine upgrades.

We are continually ensuring that the latest technologies are offered and also continuously developing the software solutions.

These include the latest servo control offering high accuracy for feeding and printing. Latest developments include IIOT real time machine reporting and remote diagnostics.

  • Experienced turnkey supplier to the plastics industry
  • Latest products and technologies
  • Extending machine life with machine upgrades
  • Service team with remote support & real time reporting