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Textile Solutions, Textile
  • Customer :Textile Coating Lines
  • Category :Textile
  • Date :2015 to present
  • Status :Complete

Textile Coating Line

The customer faced the problem of outdated and unsupported PLC and drives on their coating lines. In addition SA Power moved coating lines requiring new installation and control. SA Power upgraded the coating lines with new motors, servo drives and control systems. This included the complete software and control for the heating systems, ovens and infra-red systems. Programming the line motion control with different elements such as load cells and dancers.

Different lines have been upgraded to replace and upgrade and improve control systems. Accurate speed and tension control through the line were some of the critical elements which have improved line speeds and product quality.

What we did

The line control had to be upgraded from old Siemens S5 technologies. The complete line motion system had to be upgraded from older technologies no longer supported.
  • Lenze control system and operator interfaceThe control system was replaced with a Lenze multi-axis control with all programming in one central device. Lenze remote IO systems with EtherCat were used for efficient installation and reduction in wiring. The Lenze operator interface was used with full recipe handling and diagnostic interface.
  • Lenze servo controlThe servo control system used was the Lenze i700 multi-axis drives controlled via EtherCat and a common DC bus. This was critical when controlling many axes with varying tension requirements. Lenze servo motors were used with resolver feedback.
  • FMS Load cells SystemsThese lines have many load cells for material tension control. This was achieved with FMS load cells and amplifiers made for the converting applications.
  • Heating ControlHeating control was brought back into the line through converters from RS232 communication back to the Lenze control.
Textile Solutions, Textile

Final Results

The line was tested and programmed running in parallel to the existing line prior to installation. All equipment was prepared and tested prior to line shut. The electrical rebuild was completed in two weeks.

The new control system and software platform has allowed for continual improvement in the line processes. Over time machine systems have been upgraded and improved on without having to change the control system.

  • Turnkey system solution from local supplier
  • Higher speeds and better product quality
  • Local engineering design and service support
  • Higher level IIOT integration for production information