Unique Solutions

We are always looking for new challenges in automation Over the years SA Power has developed many solutions for unique applications. As a team we enjoy such challenges and share some of them with you here.

Mine Winder Liquid Controller

Lenze servo and control systems developed to control winder liquid controllers and the operator lever and interface. These systems have been used for a range of mine winders locally and overseas.

Aluminium Line Cross cut

Aluminium cross-cut saws managing cut accuracies over 70m lengths. Squareness of the cut and accuracy are key components. Operator interface to allow a wide range of functionality.

LinMot Cross Feeder

LinMot offers linear modules and linear guides in stainless steel versions. This high degree of protection of these versions is suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Crane Application 103 meters and load cells

Crane application controlling the sluice gates for Lesotho Highlands water project. The depth of the sluice gates was managed with cable length control as well as load cell feedback to manage cable slack and other safety requirements.

Processing Plant

The nature of the plant required precise control and reliable technologies. The main PLC system used was Emerson CPL410 with RSTi EP io, Cimplicity Scada with 150 tags and remote interface for connectivity and remote support. The network used was Profinet to 24 off Lenze i550 series inverters. The Lenze i550 inverters provide an optimum solution for motor control for gas flow, pumps, conveyors, fans and rotational drums. This system solution was significant due to extensive control and Scada knowledge by the implementation team.

Cold Forging automation

The automation required parts to be placed and removed at 30 pres cycles per minute. The unique system used CAM profiles to ensure motion relative to press motion. A wide range of safety interlocks to prevent tolling crashes.
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