Warehousing and Logistics

Applications that require the transfer of materials by conveying and then storage and retrieval all in compact environments.

SMART Solutions, Belt, Roller & Chain Conveyors

Lenze SMART drive system is an innovative tested solution for horizontal conveying and materials handling in the warehousing and logistics. The SMART geared motor combination is designed for high starting torques required for conveying without increasing motor size. High efficiency motors and 6 programmable speed settings controlled by digital inputs, makes the system truly efficient. Customers experience a significant reduction of variants required, flexibility to change speeds on installation and savings on installation costs with decentralised control concept.

Warehouse Storage and Retrieval units

Lenze provides a complete FAST software solution with the required controllers, motors and geared motors. The motion control functions for the travel drive with load sharing and oscillation damping. The hoist drive identifies the load current and friction and provides dynamic torque pre-control. Energy management of both travel and hoist is ensured with Lenze regenerative units mounted on the DC bus. The tested solutions include fork lift units, virtual commissioning and graphical interface.

Lifting Stations

These solutions are well known in the warehouse environment requiring safe operation at high speeds with varying loads. Multi-level applications are standard. The system typically requires lazer position feedback and a high standard of safety. A complete system will include transfer conveyors and safety locking motors.

Communication IO Link

IO-Link makes it easy to integrate the sensors and actuators distributed in an application into the master control level in order to exchange process, asset or parameterisation data. To do so, there is no need for expensive special cables or to address the nodes manually. If an IO-Link master is already in use in a network, the new i550 protec can be connected at a low cost – regardless of the higher-level control system. The devices are parameterised automatically during standard set-up or as part of an in-service device replacement. Lenze is the first drive manufacturer to master the standard v1.1, which is necessary for this automatic data exchange.
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