Water and Pumping Solutions

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Water and Pumping Solutions, Water and Pumping
  • Customer :Farms, Water treatment, Aquariums
  • Category :Water pumping
  • Date :Ongoing
  • Status :Completed and in progress

Water puming solutions

SA Power have two solutions for pumping applications. Larger power systems up to 3,000 kW are realised with CG Emotron controllers. These controllers ensure soft start reducing mechanical stress, linear ramps protecting against water hammer, early warning systems to prevent dry running and cavitation as well as variable flow or constant pressure solutions.

Lenze i500 Protec to 22 kW IP66 and to 75 kW IP54 suitable to decentralised installations in pump houses. With dedicated pump software including ramps, PID control and network connectivity, they are ideal solutions with low installation costs.

What we did

Customer required a controller range up to 45 kW with decentralised mounting in pump house area. Ease of maintenance and installation were key factors.

Previous system relied on throttling valves. Large energy savings were achieved.

  • Lenze SMV Decentralised invertersLenze decentralised inverters with IP65 rating were installed. Soft stopping and starting saving pump life and with PID control achieved large energy savings in the plant.
  • Pump monitoring and feedbackThe controllers were fitted with communication modules giving accurate feedback to the central control system.
Water and Pumping Solutions, Water and Pumping

Final Results

Turnkey installation of decentralised controllers achieving large reduction in pump wear as well as over 20% proven energy savings compared to previous systems.

On board communication modules allowed for easy networking to main control and scada systems.

  • IP65 remote installation solution reduced installation costs
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced pump wear and maintenance
  • Turnkey solution from one supplier