Water and Wind

Pumping applications with CG Emotron from 0.75 kW to 3,000 kW. Wind turbine applications with Lenze and Kendrion INTORQ.

Pumping Solutions CG Emotron

Emotron AC drives offer considerable energy savings by continuously adapting operation to demand. Further energy is saved thanks to automatic pump rinsing and a sleep function that stops the motor when it doesn’t need to run to keep up the pressure. Parameters can be set in your own process units, for example m3/s or bar, making monitoring safe and easy. Up to seven pumps can be controlled with one variable speed drive, without a PLC or other external equipment. The Emotron FDU series is available from 0.75 kW to 3 000 kW from 2.5 to 3 000 Amps. IP54 and IP20/21 versions.

Wind Turbine solutions from Kendrion INTORQ

Kendrion INTORQ brakes have long been successfully used for the pitch and azimuth drives in wind turbines. The INTORQ BFK470 and BFK458 brakes, which are frequently used in the industry, are sealed with IP66 protection. Our friction linings, which have also been developed specifically for the wind energy industry, guarantee a tight braking torque tolerance. Our brakes move within the ideal tolerance range of minus 0 to plus 40 percent. Thus, all gear components are protected on the brake side, even under extreme wind forces.

Water Treatment CG Emotron

Creating and maintaining a complete drive solution will give your pumps and water handling systems the best total performance – and you peace of mind. Speed control can bring considerable energy savings in water handling operations due to the great variations in demand. Municipalities around the world use CG Emotron products in sewage treatment plants, water purification plants and pumping stations. The result is improved reliability, reduced energy consumption and less mechanical wear. CG also offers energy-efficient operation of decanter centrifuges used for dewatering sludge. The process uses two electric motors, one that powers the drum and one that brakes the screw conveyor. Energy generated from braking is normally converted into heat and dissipated via brake resistors. With a CG solution, however, the energy is redirected directly to the driving motor. This reduces the main’s energy requirement and saves the cost of brake resistors

Wind Turbine Solutions Lenze

Lenze have a range of solutions for pitch and azimuth drives includes servo motors and geared motors suitable for wind turbine conditions. A range of servo and decentralised controllers with software specifically developed for wind turbine applications.
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