The Kendrion Servo Slim Line​

The Kendrion Servo Slim Line​

The Servo Slim Line by Kendrion is a flat electromagnetic brake with an advanced large inner diameter – The perfect holding and emergency stopping function brake.

The spring-applied brakes which are ideally suited for robotics is designed for robotics solutions and loads of up to approximately 20 kg, but it can also be used in other applications requiring small geometrical dimensions. The power density of the slim single-disc brakes are flatter and lighter than other products on the market, and due to their large inner diameter they are well suited for hollow-shaft drives. This makes them perfect for applications in lightweight robots with integrated drives.
Manufacturing technology
The patented technology provides the basis for manufacturing solution: In case of conventional spring-applied brakes the production-related tolerances of the air gap, i.e. the distance between friction disc and armature plate, must be taken into account. When designing the brake for the worst case the maximum rated air gap is considered. Both lifetime and torque are directly related to the so-called maximum operating air gap which results from the maximum rated air gap and the wear. Thus, it is essential to keep the rated air gap as narrow as possible. With conventional manufacturing technologies rated air gap tolerances between one and two tenths of a millimeter can be achieved. With the proven solution from Kendrion rated air gap tolerances of about four hundredths of a millimeter are standard. The potential saved is used to increase the holding torque or extend the lifetime, thus increasing the power density of the brake.
The optimal solution for robotics
There is a growing demand for safety technology in order to avoid injuries by collisions, especially if the control technology or even the power supply fails. In this case electromagnetic brakes are usually the method of choice. As safety brakes they bring moving masses to a stop, keep loads in position and therefore prevent humans and material assets from being affected.For decades Kendrion has been supplying brakes for industrial robots with loads higher than 20 kg. In order to be able to serve the booming market of smaller robots the brake specialist has invested a lot into the research and development of suitable brakes for robotics applications in recent years. With many years of experience and the latest findings from the market ideally suited solutions for robotics have been developed.

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