We have an important message to Convey!

Conveyors are an integral part of in a number of industries. Commercial, Industrial, and intralogistics applications all have some sort of conveyor somewhere in the manufacturing process. Conveyor motors requires the maximum torque starting condition, though, once a system is running at speed; the required torque and energy requirements drop substantially.

According to the South African Market Insights, manufacturing is one of South Africa’s largest industries, contributing approximately 14% to the gross domestic product (GDP). In the latest Statistics South Africa publication, they found that manufacturing production increased by 4,6% in March 2021 compared with March 2020 and that a further increase in production is to be expected.

In many conveyor applications, frequency inverters are crucial components of a cleverly designed solution. They are true masters when it comes to open- and closed-loop control of motors.

Lenze’s inverters are scalable and always offer you the right solution for speed and torque-controlled motion and for position-controlled single axis and multi-axis motion, perfectly tailored to your own specific requirements.

i510cabinet - We have an important message to Convey!

Both devices offer the following distinguishing features:

  • Slimline design that fits into every control cabinet
  • Scalable functionality thanks to a sophisticated modular system
  • Extraordinary user-friendliness

Lenze i500 inverters create the perfect solution for all your conveyor needs. Everything from industrial plants to textile machines, Lenze i500 conveyor solutions are versatile and robust. Whatever application you require, Lenze has the drive to match form, fit and function; and SA Power is here to help you find the best possible solution.

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